Guide to Effective Learning

Step 1: Registration

  • Purchase a course of your choice and complete the online registration form.

  • You can pay online. Our online payment service is secure.

  • We will then send you a link to download your manual and study guidance notes.

Step 2


(Home Learning)

  • Study your manual and complete the multiple choice test paper online.

  • Watch the online videos and study the various therapy techniques found in the manual. Do this until you are familiar with the techniques involved.

  • Practice the therapy techniques upon your partner, family and friends until you are confident with the routine.

  • Complete your client consultation and case studies and submit them for marking. You will be notified of your result within just a few days. 

  • Once you have been awarded a pass mark your Diploma or Certificate will be posted to you directly usually within 5 business days.

Step 2 (cont.)


(Training Courses)

  • Attend your practical training day/s. Our classes are friendly and informal.

  • You will be taught all of the techniques for this therapy and will practice upon fellow students. All classes are mixed gender.

  • Once you have passed the theory test paper and practical assessment your Diploma will be sent to you electronically within 24 hours.

  • If you require a paper copy, this can be purchased online.